About Us


Is an innovative company that comes to the market to offer better solutions and benefits for the development of innovative projects related to lighting systems for Horticulture,  Greenhouses, Vertical Farming / Multi-Layered Farming, Indoor Growing, Hydroponics, and any controlled environment growing.


Being light the more relevant problem to maintain optimum yield production, INNOV44 has devoted the last years to intensive research in the field of renewable energy and sustainable lighting to identify the key factors that optimize the development of vegetables, fruits, flowers, or any other type of plant in a controlled environment.


With the idea of ​​providing effective and efficient solutions using top quality lighting systems, INNOV44 puts its focus on LED Technology.

In the research and development phase, one of the main focuses was to detect what was the best option on the different types of LEDs on the market,  in order to create the best quality LED system.

Results conducted for the manufacture, assembly and implementation of HIGH POWER LEDs.

One interesting characteristic of this technology, is that is produces white light which provides a perfect balance between red, blue and yellow spectrum  –LIKE THE SUN


To raise awareness of the economic and ecological viability of the usage of quality lighting technology and  renewable/sustainable energy sources, to promote efficiency on the development of agricultural, industrial, commercial and service projects.



To be the leading provider of solutions for projects related to cultivation/plant development using the most advance technological lighting systems, committed to the development and needs of its customers at all times, at the forefront in industrial settings and outstanding for the excellence of its services and innovative products.


  • Innovation
  • Integrity
  • Commitment to the development of our customers and society
  • Care for the environment
  • Professionalism and tenacity
  • Economic and ecological efficiency
  • Technical Culture, entrepreneurial spirit and long-term vision


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